Proposed price increase letter

Dear Sir / Madam Re: Rate Increase for 2018/2019
At Graffiti Designs (Pty) Ltd, we are committed to, and constantly striving to provide you our valued customer, with
added value and benefits in all aspects of our business.
The rates for 2018/2019 are formulated in keeping with Graffiti's strategy for growing businesses in South Africa,
while providing value to you, our customer. In line with this, Graffiti has kept the rates within the confines of current
economic factors, with emphasis on local economic factors.
Each product was individually analysed, the result is that family type rates differ from single products; high value
products have a lower increase than the low value products.
Our attention to detail has resulted in certain products receiving a lower rate increase, thus increasing the value to
our customer.
In formulating the new rate strategy, we took into consideration the following:
Local/foreign economic conditions
Local competitive pricing
Product Value
• Graffiti has based its price on value in relation to what Graffiti customers can get from the next best competitive alternative.
• Having based price on value our product features translate into customer benefits.
• Utility gained from the use of the product/service and value to our customers.
Operational Cost
• An increase of operational cost, Tarp, Vinyl and ink etc. of 6-7%.
Because of all these factors, it is therefore necessary to adjust the pricing for the 2018/2019.
As your business partner, we strive to provide you with world class service and look forward to your continued support
Yours truly
Wynand Van Niekerk
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